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Derwent Pools - Building Confidence with Aqua Technics..

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Derwent River Pools Tasmania is a division of Sydney swimming pool and structural landscaping company Alexander Hermes Pools. Derwent River Pools can offer you our expertise in engineering, geotechnical support, design, pool building, excavation, carpentry, concreting, hydraulic networks, stonework, paving, mosaic tiles and all exterior structures . At Derwent River Pools, we work closely with architects and engineers for technical builds to families who want a stunning yet affordable pool.


We specialise in fibreglass and concrete shells, commercial, rooftop, underground, indoor, hotels, and resorts.


Our qualifications and national licensing.


- Low Rise Building TAS (Coming Soon)

- Swimming Pool Building NSW

- Structural Landscaping NSW

Sentoas Vogue Swimming Pool by Greenwest
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